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Rug/Carpet Related:

ACOR - American Conference on Oriental Rugs, a non-profit organization dedicated to the understanding and appreciation of oriental rugs and textiles. The organization has bi-annual conferences and member societies throughout Northern America.
ICOC - The International Conference on Oriental Carpets: dedicated to advancing the understanding of carpet and related textile arts.
Jozan Magazine - Online magazine with a large rug gallery, articles and information on oriental rugs and textiles. Become a Jozan e-gallery vendor!
Oriental Rug Repair Co.Oriental Rug Repair Co. - Quality repair, cleaning and appraisal of Oriental rugs and Navajo rugs.
Oriental Rug Review - An online archive of the bi-monthly journal of oriental rugs and related textiles.
Oriental Rugs & Carpets SiteRing - links to informative rug sites.
Rug News - Oriental rug news, events, articles and links. Rug News is a cooperation between rug magazines.
RugBooks.Com - Dennis B. Marquand Oriental Rug and Textile Books. The premier website for buying books on oriental rugs, carpets and other ethnographic and historical textiles.
Symmetry and Pattern: The Art of Oriental Carpets - An interesting look at oriental rugs from a mathematical perspective.
The Textile Museum - dedicated to furthering the understanding of mankind's creative achievements in the textile arts.
TurkoTek - a comprehensive website devoted to collectible weavings and a cyberspace where rug enthusiasts can connect.
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